Safe, Affordable Housing.

The Aqanttanam housing society is a non-profit low income housing Society for Aboriginals and non-Aboriginals. The primary purpose of the society is to construct, hold, manage, provide and maintain not-for-profit rental housing for low income persons of native ancestry and non-native ancestry.

The Society was incorporated in 1992.  To date we have 57 units; these units are 17 single family homes, 5 duplexes, an 18 unit townhouse complex and a 12 unit apartment block. The detached homes and duplexes are spread across the south and north ends of Cranbrook, BC.


Our goal for the Society is to provide safe and affordable housing for all families. We encourage tenant involvement and try to offer all resources available to them. Our strategic goal is to obtain more units in our community. These units would comprise of singles/elders/families and youth.Housing

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